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The Future of Non-Invasive Healing Has Arrived

Locate pain and inflammation. Initiate positive biological response within seconds.
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Meet StemWave

StemWave is an Electrohydraulic Shockwave System with Cellular Response Technology (CRT). Brought to you by one of the fastest-growing private companies in the US according to INC.

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A New Way To Address Pain and Promote Natural Healing

Larger focal zone for maximum effectiveness

Precise treatments target areas of pain & inflammation

Immediate, patient-driven biofeedback

Quick treatments (3-8 min)

150+ Effective Treatment Zones

25 different energy levels

Non-invasive and drug-free

No recovery time after treatments

Cellular Response Technology

Uniquely designed for maximum impact

Our Cellular Response Technology™ utilizes an electrohydraulic system that sends focused acoustic shockwaves to jumpstart the healing process in injured tissue.

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How does it treat pain?

StemWave devices use Cellular Response Technology, a non-invasive medical treatment that utilizes low-intensity sound waves to stimulate natural healing in various parts of the body.

Our device is placed directly on the area of the body requiring treatment, such as a muscle, tendon, ligament, or other affected area and delivers low-intensity sound waves that create a mechanical force that penetrates deep into the tissues.

The acoustic waves induce several physiological responses in the treated tissues including mechanotransduction, the release of nitric oxide, the migration of stem cells, and anti-inflammatory action.

This activates the body's natural healing process while reducing pain so that patients can get back out into the world and start enjoying life again.

Science driven. Research backed.

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Grow your practice & your bottom line

Our StemWave Platinum Provider Program was designed to ensure your success
About Our Services

We've combined the most effective clinical and business training into one system to fast-track your success with StemWave.

We will provide you with our proven six-figure marketing strategies that have helped doctors all around the country generate new patients and scale their businesses with our technology.

Treatments can be done in 3-8 minutes or less, and does not require a doctor to operate. With the proper training, your staff may be able safely perform treatments, allowing you to see more patients in less time (Varies by state regulations).

Offer StemWave as an addition to your current care plans or an individual treatment option for new and existing patients.

You have direct access to our Client Success Team, Marketing Team, and Clinical Advisors who are there to support you.

Gain even more ideas on how to grow your practice through our Provider Community and on our coaching calls.

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"This has been a game changer for our clinic."

Dr. Jennifer Miller, Chiropractor, Florida

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