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Incorporating StemWave® into your practice has never been easier.

Revolutionary technology

Provide effective pain treatment to your patients with the shockwave therapy device that is disrupting the medical device industry

Comprehensive training program

To ensure a successful implementation into your practice, our training equips you with the skills and knowledge needed to administer StemWave® treatments safely and effectively

On-going customer support

Our dedicated team of experts is available to provide ongoing support as you incorporate StemWave® treatments into your practice

6 Months of marketing guidance

We provide marketing materials to educate your patients about the benefits of StemWave® treatment, making you ready to ready to hit the ground running from day 1

60-day money back guarantee

We offer a 60 day money back guarantee, allowing you to trial StemWave<sup>®</sup>
treatments in your office at zero risk to you

Community & coaching calls

Gain even more ideas on how to grow your practice through our provider community and our coaching calls


How StemWave® functions in your practice

Introducing a groundbreaking shockwave therapy device with Cellular Response Technology™. By kickstarting the biological healing process without the need for invasive procedures or medication, your patients receive the relief from their pain they’ve been looking for.


average treatment time (condition dependent)


per session on average ($100-$200)


on average (8-12)
  • Deliver effective pain relief
  • Help patients with chronic issues
  • Attract broader patient base
  • Increase monthly billing
  • Provide faster treatments
  • Free up time for other treatments
  • Receive immediate feedback from patients on effectiveness
  • Eliminate treatment side effects
  • Reduce reliance on pain medication for patients
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  • Turn away patients
  • Temporary or limited pain relief
  • Fewer opportunities for business growth
  • Receive delayed patient feedback
  • Time consuming treatments
  • Surgery and long recovery time or side effects needed
  • Pain medication often still needed
  • Lose patients to competitors who offer StemWave®
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Setting your practice up for success

We provide “done-with-you” coaching, education, and marketing materials for your clinic to be self-sufficient when it comes to generating new business for your StemWave® device.

Implementation onboarding training courses

In office marketing materials

Pre-built ad campaigns

Automated lead follow-up procedures

Guidance on running and analyzing ad campaigns

Call scripts

Weekly coaching sessions

Treatment plan & patient progress forms

Research papers

Treatment protocols

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Frequently Asked Questions

Shockwave technology is a broad category of technology and products. StemWave® uses the gold standard of orthopedic shockwave technology known as focused electrohydraulic shockwaves. StemWave®'s unique Cellular Response Technology™ can detect areas of pain and inflammation - while also applying therapeutic healing mechanisms simultaneously.

No, StemWave® produces a shockwave which is a therapeutic sound wave traveling at over 3,500 mph deep into the tissue that initiates a cascade of biochemical responses that initiate the healing process.

StemWave® is most commonly used with chronic and acute MSK-based conditions by our doctors throughout the country; this includes knees, shoulders, hands, feet, hips, elbows, and more.

No, StemWave® is a cash-based modality; however, you may use patient financing options if applicable.

Yes, most providers try our technology for $0 down for 60 days - and if for some reason they don’t love it - they don’t pay.

Yes, we host in-person group training multiple times per month. We also provide an online course with weekly live clinical Q&A’s.

StemWave® is very intuitive. Because of our unique design, StemWave®'s applicator head easily contours over tissue and can detect areas for treatment by generating biofeedback. Providers then use our internationally accepted protocols to carry out the treatment.

While each office varies, most offices charge $120-$200 per session. StemWave® generally requires 8-10 sessions.

Each treatment is 3-5 minutes; however, we suggest leaving time for notes and general communication - which may create a 10-20 minute session depending on your style of care.
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60-Day ROI Guarantee

We are this confident in our offering: if you don't add profit to your bottom line within the first 60 days we will cover your payments.

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