“The biggest game changer of my career.”

- Dr. Khalsa


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Transformational healing like you've never seen before

Our low-intensity sound waves deeply penetrate damaged or inflamed tissue and activate positive biochemical responses.

electrohydraulic SYSTEM

Spark-gap electrohydraulic focused shockwaves

Our device uses unique spark gap technology with a custom saline solution filled head, which delivers powerfully targeted waves.


Harness the body's natural ability to heal without complication

Kickstart the biological healing process by sending healing agents to help reduce inflammation and repair damaged tissue in the injured area – without the need for invasive procedures or medication.


Cutting-edge technology that treats wider, deeper and faster

Our unique design is disrupting the orthopedic shockwave market by locating areas of inflammation and damaged tissue while simultaneously improving overall clinical effectiveness.

How our device works

Cutting-edge Cellular Response Technology

Focused electrohydraulic shockwaves apply mechanical force and energy to living tissue

Designed for effectiveness

Electrohydraulic system provides greater levels of energy in regard to peak energy output

Patient-driven bio-feedback

Immediate feedback from the patient allows you to treat areas of pain with certainty

Improve patient outcomes

Get 80-95%+ improvement on average for cases that didn't respond to conventional care or therapies

Quick treatments

Treat patients within 3-8 minutes

Treat a range of medical conditions

Attract a broader patient base and treat cases you had to turn away before

25 Different Energy Levels

Treat chronic pain and customize the treatment for each patient

Non-invasive & drug-free

Provide your patients with an alternative to invasive procedures or pain medication

No recovery time

No negative side effects or complications

Frequently Asked Questions

Shockwave technology is a broad category of technology and products. StemWave uses the gold standard of orthopedic shockwave technology known as focused electrohydraulic shockwaves. StemWave's unique Cellular Response Technology™ can detect areas of pain and inflammation - while also applying therapeutic healing mechanisms simultaneously.

No, StemWave produces a shockwave which is a therapeutic sound wave traveling at over 3,500 mph deep into the tissue that initiates a cascade of biochemical responses that initiate the healing process.

StemWave is most commonly used with chronic and acute MSK-based conditions by our doctors throughout the country; this includes knees, shoulders, hands, feet, hips, elbows ,and more.

No, StemWave is a cash-based modality; however, you may use patient financing options if applicable.

Yes, most providers try our technology for $0 down for 60 days - and if for some reason they don’t love it - they don’t pay.

Yes, we host in-person group training multiple times per month. We also provide an online course with weekly live clinical Q&A’s.

StemWave is very intuitive. Because of our unique design, StemWave's applicator head easily contours over tissue and can detect areas for treatment by generating biofeedback. Providers then use our internationally accepted protocols to carry out the treatment.

While each office varies, most offices charge $120-$200 per session. StemWave generally requires 8-10 sessions.

Each treatment is 3-5 minutes; however, we suggest leaving time for notes and general communication - which may create a 10-20 minute session depending on your style of care.
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On-going support to help you grow your practice

Our StemWave Platinum Provider Program comes with a lot of perks.

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